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FC-10KZ6 Tenoning machine

The FC-10KZ6 tenoning machine for micro-grips is designed for wood machining. It is used for making micro-grips, tenons at the ends of boards, friezes, slats and for coating the treated surface with glue, so that the raw material prepared in this way is joined into long elements on a special press.

The package of boards placed on the roller feeding table is manually transported to the belt of the working table, where the package is clamped, followed by the leveling of the board faces and milling of micro-grips. After the entire width of the package has been machined, the table stops, releases the clamps and then transports the boards by means of a belt to the table of the twin tenoning machine on which the package is attached. The fronts of the boards are equated with a chipper on the other side, and micro-grips are milled and glue is applied during the further run of the table. In the discharge position, the table stops and opens the clamps. After releasing the clamps, the working table belt transports the machined boards to the receiving table, which feeds the boards onto the press feeder’s belt.

Characteristics :
– the heaviest machine on the European market. Motor up to 18kW,
– machining height 140mm and more,
– hardened, precise rolling guides,
– long ruler with electronic measurement option,
– two working spindles – sawing and milling,
– thanks to the heavy structure, you can work with high parameters, without any loss of accuracy and not worrying about the service life of the machine,

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