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FC10PK Pneumatic longitudinal joining press

The press is designed for longitudinal joining of slats, boards, etc. previously milled and coated with adhesive. The input material are elements made of sawn or planed wood, the fronts of which are prepared for bonding, e.g. in the shape of micro-grips.

In the FC-10PK3 press, the tenoned elements are assembled and then pressed lengthwise. Cut off and tied from the top and from the sides section of the board is subject to pressing. Apart from the loading operation itself, other procedures are performed mechanically. The movements are controlled by means of manual levers. The working height of the upper pressure beam is regulated according to the thickness of the boards. The maximum cross-section of the joined elements is smaller than the clearance of the press, and it is limited by the pressure of the pneumatic actuator. For larger cross-sections and wider boards, the hydraulic version press designated FC-10HK3 is provided for. The hydraulic actuator develops the force of an industrial micro-grips line. Due to the more massive structure, the H press can be built in longer lengths. The press has a capacity reserve compared to the FC-10M series tenoning machines.

If there is a need to limit the usable length of the press (to avoid waste), the unnecessary space can be filled with replaceable steel bars. Then the dimensions of the product: length, width, thickness should be specified before buying the press, and the bar/bars will be designed for the product.


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