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ZBJ Compactor

The ZBJ nailing machine is designed for nailing various types of wooden pallets. It is operated by 1 employee.

The action of the compactor consists in activating the electronics, placing the guns in the appropriate row for shots. Then, the operator places blocks and boards in a given order to nail the ready pallet. After pressing the START button, the mold with the sliding table passes through the row of upper and lower guns where the first row of nails is hammered. During the recurrence, the guns move slightly to the side. the cart returns, and the selected guns fire the second, parallel row of nails. After nailing the pallet, the cart returns to its starting position, where the ready pallet is pushed (lifted) from the bed by actuators, then the operator can remove the finished pallet and start stacking the elements of the new pallet.

Characteristics :
– high dimensional accuracy of the product,
– repeatable aesthetic nail pattern,
– all nailers inside the wood,
– ergonomic loading of short and long boards,
– hammering the nails on the go – high efficiency,
– large magazines without a lid – easy loading, visual inspection in addition to electronic control,
– operation in two rows without extending the time,
– pneumatic unloading support, can be attached to the production line,

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