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AZN-200 Tops assembly machine

The automatic hinge assembly machine is used to assemble the hinges in individual elements of collapsible pallet tops.

Input material
Planed/dried boards (18%), formatted to length with an accuracy (+0/-1.5mm), one-piece. Hinge halves with one rivet spacing. Rivets – steel mat or galvanized with a hole in the handle, not grouped (loose).
Elements of the top – dimensions (for the wooden part): B = 200mm, L = 600 ………2600mm (without the 400mm dimension) The rivets are closed with simple pressing without alternating or rolling movements.
The task of the machine is fully automatic drilling, pressing rivets, placing sheets and crimping rivets.
Principle of operation:

The operator fills the magazine with boards. The slider pulls the board out of the pile and positions it in the drilling machine. Top drills fray 4 holes each downwards. After drilling, the board goes to the assembly area. Four rivets are issued from the two vibrators. They fall through the tubes into the holder, while the manipulator arms position them under the holes in the board. The slider presses them into the board until the rivet heads rest against the board. In this procedure, the rivets shear the fraying to hit the holes exactly. The automatic fittings feeder transfers the fittings to the boards by sticking them onto the protruding rivets. The crimping cycle starts. 2 sets of punches are set over the rivets (alternating motion). Both presses clamp the rivets, the clamps release the workpiece, the punches retract, the board is on the forks. The operator puts it aside on the stack.

The bed with guides and snap holes for adjusting the length of the board. There is a fixed unit and an adjustable unit on it. Their activities are only linked by control. There are no mechanical connections. There is a hydraulic power generator next to it.

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