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GS900 Top spindle milling-machine

The GS-900 top spindle milling-machine is designed for machining of solid wood and wood-based materials, e.g. chipboards, MDF, etc. It is used for machining of the edges of rectilinear and curvilinear elements, making kinks, radii, grooves and other shapes in various types of elements.

Characteristics :
– solid wood and chipboard machining,
– milling grooves in boards, edge profiling according to a curvilinear or straight route,
– a remote control for working with templates pulled out from the table,
– double bearing allows you to use the full motor power,
– pedal-operated pneumatic smooth spindle lowering,
– spindle tilt adjustable +/- 45 degrees.

The machining of very short, very long, complex curvilinear edges or performing other non-standard work requires the use of special equipment necessary for safety reasons. This tooling must cover the tool sufficiently and ensure that the material is guided securely to prevent kickback or ejection.

The headstock is tilted sideways manually; the vertical position is determined by a removable pin. In the table, coaxially with the tool, there is a retractable bar D = 10 mm. After the bearing is pulled out and put on, it serves as a guide for the template with the workpiece. Clamps available from GOMA can be used to fix the workpiece. The tool is fixed directly in the spindle. In combination with a reinforced bearing, this allows you to work at high feed rates.


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