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F-110 SP Bottom spindle milling-machine - with tenoning table

The F-110 single-spindle bottom-spindle vertical milling machine is designed for machining of solid wood and wood-based materials, that is e.g. chipboards. It is used for machining the edges of rectilinear elements and for making grooves, notches, pins, mortise, fingers and other shapes at the ends of friezes, slats, planks, etc. The processing of short, very long elements, curvilinear edges or performing other non-standard works requires the use of special equipment necessary for safety reasons. This tooling must cover the tool sufficiently and ensure that the material is guided securely to prevent from kickback or ejection.

The F-110 is a universal milling machine for all tasks. The construction corresponds with the heaviest German milling machines. Thanks to the two-speed motor, the spindle’s revolutions can be changed easily. Special equipment makes it easier to carry out various tasks.

Characteristics :
– a stable all-round machine tool for professionals,
– many adjustments, solid construction, precise rolling guide,
– heavy cutter guard with cast iron guides guarantees accuracy and damps vibrations,
– highest revolutions 10000 rpm – precise balancing,
– cart for tenoning deep tenons, especially useful in woodwork.

The F-110 milling machine with a fixed side table; on the left a guide with a sliding table. It is permanently established. Other designs: side tables on both sides, no additional tables. The presented cutter guard accommodates tools up to 250 mm in diameter. For tenoning with larger tools, a large, fixed cover is used.

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