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WM4J Module drilling machine

Skok roboczy jednostki80 mm
Długość stołu1000; 1500; 2000 mm; 1-10 głowic
Silniki wg zadania0,55; 0,75; 1,1 kW/3000 o/min

The multi-spindle drilling machine is designed for machining of wood and wood-based materials, i.e. plywood, chipboards, MDF and derivatives. It is used for drilling holes in boards for connecting pins.

The workpiece is placed on the table. For precise and repeatable positioning of the workpiece in relation to the headstock, previously adjusted stops are used. The work cycle is started by pressing a button on the vertical drilling unit. Compressed air activates the clamps and forward feed. Drilling takes place while moving forward. After the last unit has reached the set depth, it returns to the starting position and the clamps release the workpiece.
The adjustment of the drilling units and pressure actuators is made after releasing the fitting clamps, displacing the units and retightening the fitting clamps.
The precise adjustment of the drilling units is possible thanks to magnetic rulers and electronic reading screens. Vertical units fall down when disconnected from compressed air.

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