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Ilość wrzecion25 szt.
Rozstaw skrajnych wrzecion768 mm
Podziałka rozstawu wrzecion32 mm
Wymiary stołu1150 x 550 mm
Skok roboczy70 mm
Obroty wrzecion2800 o/min
Maks. średnica narzędzia12 mm
Moc silników2 x 0.75 kW
Zapotrzebowanie powietrza10 nm3/h
Maks. wys. wrzecion nad stołem (poziomo)75 mm
Ciśnienie sprężonego powietrzamin. 5 bar
Masa650 kg

The W-25 drilling machine is designed to make holes in furniture elements. The large spacing of the extreme spindles covers the holes in the largest, typical part of the furniture. The spindles are driven by two motors. The spindle head is deflected by actuators. Holes can be made vertically, diagonally and horizontally. The working feed is performed pneumatically, and the counter facilitates precise transverse adjustment of the head. The system of rulers with scales allows you to quickly and precisely position the workpiece.

Characteristics :
– simple structure,
– for drilling holes in boards, e.g. for dowels and holes for concealed hinges,
– for machining of wood and wood-based materials, i.e. plywood, chipboards, MDF and derivatives,
– strong pressure for high-impact drilling,
– tilting of drill head position with use of pneumatic actuators,
– 25 spindles with interchangeable holders,
– two motors allowing to work independently,

The drilling machine can be equipped with a control for deep drilling, allowing for a 3-fold deeper and deeper stroke into the material. Standard drills fitting, the so-called quick coupling with 10 mm-diameter cylindrical hole for quick replacement. The advantage of this system is the reliable hold of the drill, even when drilling large diameters.

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