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PPL Saw (New)

The transverse double saw is designed for wood machining. It is used for symmetrical cutting of the lid plates and coffin bottoms.

Characteristics :
– Compact construction of the double saw and the use of automatic control allows for high efficiency, accuracy and repeatability of machining while maintaining high comfort of work,
– transverse setting of the saw – numerical,
– angular setting of the ruler – numerical,
– laser markers,

After setting the machining parameters on the operator’s panel (length, width, etc.), the movable table approaches the given length, setting the bases. A photocell is located in the movable table, which, after being covered by the workpiece, activates the ejection of the bases after a short time delay. Thanks to laser pointers, the operator can check the cutting line, and then enter the parameters correction or use the button on the front of the body to activate the pressure actuators blocking the element. There is a green button on the control panel to start the saw drive motors. After highlighting this button, simultaneous pressing of START CYCLE buttons starts the machining procedure. The saws run, return to the initial position, release the pressure of the element and hide the front bases. The saw discs are still rotating and waiting for the next workpiece to be positioned. After selecting the end window on the control panel, the saws will perform the cutting cycle and assume that it was the last one, thus stopping them.

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