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ET - Coffin sides cutter

Uciosarka ET

The coffin side cutter is designed for wood machining. It is used for cutting the sides of coffins at given angles and for cutting assembly grooves for a given type of connector.

Characteristics :
– it cuts two elements placed next to each other on the table (e.g. cutting the first side and cutting off the finished element,
– there are two swivel rulers on the table top,
– cutting the material to a given size and angle, and a groove is cut for connector,
– a tilting cradle with headstocks is suspended on a cart with a mechanical and infinitely adjustable drive,
– dimensions are shown on the display,
– two grooving units have feeds correcting their position in relation to the saw. As an option, it is possible to screw one milling unit regardless of the saw,

The machine tool is switched on from the panel placed on the electrical cabinet. Each saw is activated with a separate button. The machined detail is placed on the working table. The cycle start is triggered by a foot pedal. At the moment of switching on the cycle start, the workpiece is clamped by the pressure actuators and the table moves forward; at this point the cart starts and the excess material is cut off by the main saw, and then a groove is made by the cutting saws. After reaching the end of the bed, the working table moves back and the pneumatic clamps are released. The cart returns to its starting position. The machine tool has the ability to shorten the run using the saw itself. In the case of using a saw and one undercutter, start the entire run.

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